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Photos from Isle Royale National Park
Rock Harbor area
 Dock at Moskey Basin Campground
Sunrise from Moskey Basin Campground
Shelter at Moskey Basin Campground
Interpretive sign, Rock Harbor Light
Pitcher plant, Raspberry Island bog
Boardwalk across bog, Raspberry Island
Tookers Island
Ranger III near Middle Islands Passage
Ranger III at Rock Harbor (Snug Harbor) dock
Scoville Point
Northeast end of Island
Former fishery on Johnson Island
Sunset on Tobin Harbor
Sunset, Belle Island Campground
Typical shoreline scene
Lichens on stairs, Passage Island Light
Passage Island harbor and dock
Islands in Tobin Harbor
Passage Island Light
North shore (west of Pickerel Cove)
Huginnin Cove sunset
Another Huginnin Cove sunset scene
Huginnin Cove
Campsite, Little Todd Harbor
Dock at Todd Harbor
West end of Island
Windigo Visitor's Center
Windigo V.C. - interior view
Windigo V.C. - Rock of Ages Lighhouse lens
Another Windigo V.C. interior view
Another Windigo V.C. interior view
Sign at Windigo - moose bones
Beach on Washinton Harbor at Washington Creek Campground
Cow moose in Washington Creek
Grace Creek valley
Grace Creek Overlook
Sunset from Windigo dock
Blue Flag Iris
Bull moose in Washington Creek
South shore (west of Rock Harbor Light)
Historic boat, Chippewa Harbor
Shelter, Chippewa Harbor Campground
Historic building, shore of Chippewa Harbor
Near dock at Malone Bay
Lake trout at Chippewa Harbor Dock
Canoeing near mouth of Chippewa Harbor
Big Siskiwit River bridge
Beach at mouth of Big Siskiwit River
Gulls after Lake Trout guts, Siskiwit
      Bay Campground
Off-trail, Lake Superior shoreline
Shoreline west of entrance to Chippewa Harbor
A nearby view
Typical shoreline scene, north of Lake Desor
Off-trail, inland
Inland lake near Greenstone Ridge Trail
Wolf track in moose track, mud flats along shore
       of a remote lake
Greenstone Ridge from off-trail lake
Cow moose in swamp north of Tobin Harbor
Bull moose in off-trail lake
Same lake, two more moose (very hard to see)
Inland area, on trails and canoe routes
Fishing Lake Mason
Siskiwit Lake
Ojibway Tower, looking southwest
Minong Ridge Trail north of Lake Desor
Canadian shore from Minong Ridge Trail near
       Lake Desor
Bull moose on trail west of Daisy Farm
West Chickenbone Campground - escaping the
West Chickenbone Campground - canoe and
       approaching squall line
Lake Desor from near Greenstone Ridge Trail
Mining machinery - Island Mine
North Lake Desor Campground
Otter Lake from near Minong Ridge Trail
Island Mine Campground
Typical Isle Royale shelter
South Desor Campground
Beach at South Desor Campground
Bull moose in trail west of Daisy Farm
Greenstone Ridge Trail near Mt. Siskiwit
Ojibway Tower

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